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Here is an easy, DIY teepee tent tutorial that you can create for your little ones! I searched the internet high and low to find an affordable teepee tent. Believe it or not, they can be VERY expensive! So after some research, I created my very own! If you are like me and not a fan of using power tools or using a sewing machine, then this DIY teepee tent tutorial is for YOU!


Check out the full blog post featuring my DIY Teepee Tent “Mommy and Me: Clamping in Our Own Backyard Featuring KRZA Headbands” HERE!


-4 wooden birch sticks or poles at about 6-8 ft high or as tall as you want.
* I found my birch sticks at my local craft store. So check there if you like. You might find them to be cheaper than the link provided. These sticks do have the tendency to peel, so keep that in mind!

-2 to 3 heavy duty rubber bands.
* I used some wrist bands we had in the house. You want to be sure they can stretch enough to go around the sticks/poles but heavy duty enough to not pop when putting them on your sticks!

-2 to 3 yards of fabric of your choice or about a 9×12 drop cloth.
*I used a heavy linen material

roll of twine
*I used used about 12 inches to tie the fabric together. But, remember to reinforce your tent by tying the sticks with twine a few times to make sure its secure if you plan to keep this tent up!

*The ones I used have clips on the other side which worked perfectly to just attach it to the wrist bands. Use whatever floral decorations you like!

blanket or whatever fabric you’d like for the base of the tent



1. Lay down your blanket or fabric.

2. Stand your four sticks together in a bundle

3. Take two heavy duty rubber bands and place about 10-12 inches down or at whatever height you’d like.

4. Spread out the sticks and place them at your desired width.
* My advice is for the sticks in the front to be spread out wider then the sticks in the back (as shown in video). Remember, you want the width of the tent to be up front!

5. Take your twine or rope and tighten the top of the teepee where the rubber bands are. I solely used the bands for the photoshoot. But, if you want to keep this tent up, secure the tent by tightening it with the rope!

6. Iron your fabric if necessary, and drape it around the tent! Make whatever adjustments you need to the fabric with scissors or fold in the fabric at the base as displayed in the video.

7. Take your scissors and snip a small hole about an inch from the edge of the fabric. Of course, before you cut the hole, see how far down you want the hole to be!

8. Take your string and thread it thru the hole and tie your bow!

9. Add your florals, pillows and other decorative items to your tent.

10. Enjoy!!


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Hi Loves!

Today I am reviewing Becca Cosmetics Multi Tasking Perfecting Powder for you! You can use these powders as foundation, setting foundation and concealer, bronzer and highlight or contour! Talk about multi tasking! See what my thoughts are on this product and also a live demo as well.

I have been using these Becca Cosmetics powders for about a month and I definitely reach for them more then my MAC!!

Products shown:

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-BECCA Multi Tasking Powder in “Beige” as highlight, set concealer

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-SLEEK Concealer and Correcting Palette in “Shade 5” http://rstyle.me/n/b4723sbtds7

-IT Cosmetics Foundation Brush

-IT Cosmetics Highlighting Brush

-IT Cosmetics Velvet Empress Fan Brush http://rstyle.me/n/b3ztprbtds7

-Prestige Lip Liner in “Natural”

-NYX Lipstick in “LALA” http://rstyle.me/n/b47279btds7


-SheIn Denim Romper (size up)

-White House | Black Market Earrings

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