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Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale,  Under $150 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Roundup, NSALE 2019, What to buy Nsale 2019, What to buy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Dallas Blogger, Dallas Fashion Blogger, Nordstrom's sale


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Leopard Print Cotton Canvas Cargo Jacket

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Free People Sporty Oversized Plaid Blazer

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Eliza J Leopard Print Dress

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Jessica Simpson “Ladee” Snakeskin OTK Boot

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The Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is back again and I feel like it just left! If you are not aware, Nordstrom’s runs anniversary sale each year featuring select Fall & Winter items at a reduced price. For those of you who like to shop ahead of the season, this is the perfect sale for you. If you are like myself and its too hot to think of boots and coats, then you probably will pass and wait until it gets cold enough lol.

I typically don’t shop the sale or give it too much thought because every blogger and their mama is talking about “what you NEED” from the sale. Its honestly quite annoying and I find myself rolling my eyes at every cardigan and bootie that is being put in my line of sight.

When I shop the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, I like to pick up one or two pieces that I feel is unique and something I can wear even during the summer months. At least then I can wear it now instead of waiting until November when it gets cold here in Dallas.

Anyhoo, I did a poll on my Instagram (are you following me there, you should) to see if you guys wanted a roundup of my Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale picks and over 80% said YES! So here we are! I decided to do an under $150 round up to keep it more on the affordable side and make it less overwhelming to shop. I think my picks are pretty versatile, unique and to the point! What do you think?

When Can You Shop The Sale?

Will you be shopping the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale? If you have a Nordies card, you have access to shop the sale NOW thru July 18th! If not, the sale is open to the public on July 19th!!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Love-hate relationship

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Love-hate relationship




Hey loves!

So let me explain the title to this post. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here. Well, for card holders it began today. Anyways,  I love a good sale just as the next person, but every time Nordstrom has a major sale coming up, I cringe. Why you might ask? Because bloggers lose their minds and become a walking, talking promo for the sale. Specifically on Instagram and it drives me nuts!


As a blogger, of course it’s our task to share with our followers things we love, what we buy, steals and deals, tips and tricks of all things fashion or whatever else we blog about. I follow tons of fashion bloggers on Instagram for this reason. But honey, there comes a time where you sounding like a walking billboard becomes TOO MUCH! So when the Nordstrom  Anniversary Sale or Half Yearly sale rolls around, my eye roll game is strong and the temptation to hit the unfollow button becomes real. Like it did last night lol.


It all starts like a week or so before the sale when you see bloggers advertise it like their life depends on it. And you know what, I get it! Most bloggers are trying to earn commission from the purchases their followers make using the affiliate links in their blog posts or Instagram. Heck, I try to earn a little coin myself by doing the same. But, its not just that. The need to push these sales go on for like two weeks or so until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over.


Some bloggers are darn near pushing the sale every day or talking about the sale or posting pics of what they got from the darn sale. Its complete overkill!  It also makes me question if you are really genuine about if you really love those cute pair of booties or this long sleeve tee that comes in five other colors or this plain cardigan you had to buy. Its like girl, stop playing! You know you got about 20 pairs of the same booties and t-shirt. Just say this looks cute, you might wanna check it out and keep it moving, ok?! Ok!


Again, don’t get me wrong. Do your job as a blogger, promote and share things that you truly love OR feel your followers may like.   For me, this is my only post about the sale and thats it. I want my readers to have the information on what my suggestions are and check it out as you see fit. Anyways, there is such a thing as overkill and I just cannot deal with it.  So excuse me while I either roll my eyes when I see another “buy this” Anniversary Instagram post or hit the unfollow button.


Two weeks is a long time to just be annoyed don’t you think?

So what are my picks from the sale?

Anyways, one of my followers asked that I share my picks for the Nordstrom Sale. So of course I had to oblige. I am sure some of you may be interested in what my selections are. So I pulled a few things that I thought were cute or a good deal. All you need to do is click on the images and you’ll be directed to the site to purchase. But, I really don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything right now. Maybe the Jo Malone set and the Charlotte Tilbury if its still available. Otherwise, your girl is good!


What are your thoughts on the Nordstrom Sale? Did you purchase anything? Also, do you get annoyed when bloggers seem extra pushy with these sales? Or is it just me….



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The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is here again!! The Nordstrom sale is the perfect time to shop for fall items you love, but don’t want to spend major cash on. It can be overwhelming to sift through the website and try to find something to purchase. You don’t want to miss out on any major deals but, don’t want to go through pages and pages to see whats on sale. I made it easy for you by rounding up some of my favorite picks for you to shop! Don’t you love that? All items above are under $200 and thats pretty amazing considering the actual full price.  Just click on the images above to shop the items!! Now is the time to see what pieces you need in your closet. My go- to’s for these types of sales is jackets, shoes and handbags. I figure I can’t go wrong there!!


So I know the gift card giveaway caught your eyes, am I right?? I’ve teamed up with other wonderful, fashion bloggers to bring you this amazing chance to win $1320 Nordstrom Gift Card. Do you know what you could do with that kind of money?? I would shop ’til you drop!! Be sure to enter below!! I really would love for one of my readers to win this giveaway. So hop to it!!


Giveaway begins today, July 31, 2016 and ends August 7th, 2016!!

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Hey loves! I know its been a while since my last post, but I was out on vacation last week and just returned Sunday. That and no internet at home makes for a very, MIA blogger. But, I’m back! How appropriate that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening right now in time for Style Craving Tuesday? Actually, if you are a Nordie’s card holder, you have Early Access and can shop now! However, for those of you who do not, its open to the public starting July 17th-August 2nd. So get ready!

I have selected a few of my top picks from this sale. Now to be honest, sales like these are a bit overwhelming to me. I’m sure some of you can relate. You feel that you don’t want to miss out on great deals, but who wants to go through so many items to find what you like. Take a tip from me: I know that I love shoes and handbags, so I start there and work my way to accessories and makeup items. This to me makes it easier to narrow down my selection. I almost, always have to look at coats and jackets too because I love them for fall so I include that in my search and I’m done! Hopefully, my picks will help make this a lot more easier and fun for you. If I were you, I would grab the boots and the MAC makeup kits now as the deals are amazing! What are your favorite picks from the sale? Have you already purchased a few things?

Check back with me on Thursday for an outfit post!

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