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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Love-hate relationship

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Love-hate relationship




Hey loves!

So let me explain the title to this post. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here. Well, for card holders it began today. Anyways,  I love a good sale just as the next person, but every time Nordstrom has a major sale coming up, I cringe. Why you might ask? Because bloggers lose their minds and become a walking, talking promo for the sale. Specifically on Instagram and it drives me nuts!


As a blogger, of course it’s our task to share with our followers things we love, what we buy, steals and deals, tips and tricks of all things fashion or whatever else we blog about. I follow tons of fashion bloggers on Instagram for this reason. But honey, there comes a time where you sounding like a walking billboard becomes TOO MUCH! So when the Nordstrom  Anniversary Sale or Half Yearly sale rolls around, my eye roll game is strong and the temptation to hit the unfollow button becomes real. Like it did last night lol.


It all starts like a week or so before the sale when you see bloggers advertise it like their life depends on it. And you know what, I get it! Most bloggers are trying to earn commission from the purchases their followers make using the affiliate links in their blog posts or Instagram. Heck, I try to earn a little coin myself by doing the same. But, its not just that. The need to push these sales go on for like two weeks or so until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over.


Some bloggers are darn near pushing the sale every day or talking about the sale or posting pics of what they got from the darn sale. Its complete overkill!  It also makes me question if you are really genuine about if you really love those cute pair of booties or this long sleeve tee that comes in five other colors or this plain cardigan you had to buy. Its like girl, stop playing! You know you got about 20 pairs of the same booties and t-shirt. Just say this looks cute, you might wanna check it out and keep it moving, ok?! Ok!


Again, don’t get me wrong. Do your job as a blogger, promote and share things that you truly love OR feel your followers may like.   For me, this is my only post about the sale and thats it. I want my readers to have the information on what my suggestions are and check it out as you see fit. Anyways, there is such a thing as overkill and I just cannot deal with it.  So excuse me while I either roll my eyes when I see another “buy this” Anniversary Instagram post or hit the unfollow button.


Two weeks is a long time to just be annoyed don’t you think?

So what are my picks from the sale?

Anyways, one of my followers asked that I share my picks for the Nordstrom Sale. So of course I had to oblige. I am sure some of you may be interested in what my selections are. So I pulled a few things that I thought were cute or a good deal. All you need to do is click on the images and you’ll be directed to the site to purchase. But, I really don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything right now. Maybe the Jo Malone set and the Charlotte Tilbury if its still available. Otherwise, your girl is good!


What are your thoughts on the Nordstrom Sale? Did you purchase anything? Also, do you get annoyed when bloggers seem extra pushy with these sales? Or is it just me….



July 14, 2017 3 comments
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