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Twenty Things about me you may not know

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Hello There! I thought I would do a little something different and create a fun post for my readers! I want to open up to you a bit and give you a little insight as to who I am. I am generally a private person, so blogging and putting myself out there is already a task in itself. But, I am open to new possibilities and I want you all to get to know me better.

So, here are 20 things you don’t know about me… Ready, Set, READ!

1. I am an only child. I yearned for a brother or sister so badly when I was younger and was over it when I became a teenager. I guess I am a little spoiled and realized hey, more things for me! SMH.

2. My birthday is January 15th and I am 34 years old. After I turned 30, I stopped keeping track of how old I am. Matter of fact, I asked my husband how old I was last night LOL.

3. I have a 17 month old, BEAUTIFUL girl named Camille. ¬†She is my air, heart beat and reason for why I smile. I only featured her on the blog about twice. It’s scary putting your child out there on social media because you never know what crazy person you may run across. I am playing with the idea of incorporating her more in my blog for “Mommy and Me” looks. But, I am unsure. I don’t know guys, I am praying about that and we’ll see where it goes.

4. I’ve been married for 6 years. We got married on October 3rd in Detroit, Michigan. I absolutely loved planning my wedding and did most of it myself with the exception of my friend who was my wedding planner. A funny memory from my wedding is that our wedding menu’s my husband and I created had the wrong date on them and we didn’t realize it until we sat down at the dinner table. Oh well!

5. I was raised in the church. Its pretty much all I know and all of my childhood and teenage years I was always, always at church. Now that I am older, I am so glad for this upbringing. Its made me stronger and created a walk with God. I’ve been failing miserably now at attending church on a regular basis. I’m determined to get back at it, not only for myself, but for my daughter too!

6. I am terrible at math. I hate it. Next!

7. I went to Howard University and lived in D.C. for about five years. I have a love/hate relationship with D.C. You need money to live there comfortably and being a college student I didn’t have it lol.

8. I love to travel. I wish I did more of it when I was younger and before I had my little one. My husband and I did manage to go to London and Paris before we started trying to have a baby. I loved it and want to go back… NOW!

9. I moved to Dallas in 2007 to see if my relationship with my then boyfriend turned hubby would work. We did long distance for 2 years and I was over it. I told him I would move to Dallas to see where this relationship went and he needs to put a ring on it in a year or I’m moving on…

10. He put a ring on it! Ha! I wasn’t playing any games! He proposed in my hometown about 8 months after I moved to Dallas. Poor thing got down on the knee he had ACL surgery on a few months back. He was so uncomfortable. I guess thats love huh? LOL.

11. Being an only child, I always wanted a big family. Now that I am older and know how expensive children are, two is enough!

12. Oh yeah, we want to try for another one the end of the year. Wish us well!

13. My hubby and I always agreed on girl names and not boy names. But, when we found out we were having a girl, we didn’t figure out her name until I was about 7 months pregnant lol.

14. I love to eat! Sweets are my weakness. I am currently craving my Talenti “Mediterranean Mint” gelato as we speak. As soon as I submit this post, its going DOWN!

15. I never had any alcohol in my entire life until I moved to Dallas. I think I was around 24 then lol. I recall my husband and I going to a Timeshare event and I decided to have my first drink. A margarita… lets just say I left feeling “tipsy” for the first time in my life. Now I love a glass or two!

16. I have a dog, his name is Noah. My husband gave him to me for a Valentine’s gift several years ago. I don’t post him as much on Insta like I use to. He’s such a handful now with his little sis Camille here.

17. I am very cautious about establishing friendships with people due to burned “friendships” in the past. I didn’t decide to make friends here in Dallas until a year after I moved here. I went on an event posted on a Meetup site and these girls are now my “ride or die” friends ever since! Timing is everything!

18. I have a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Healthcare that I haven’t used. I wish I knew years ago what I want to really do with my life. These student loans don’t care that I’m not using my degree. Rude much?

19. I have/had Scoliosis. Scoliosis is basically when your spine is curved and not straight. My curve, from what I remember, was around 40 degrees. My mom noticed that I wasn’t standing up straight and took me to the doctor. I wore a terribly hard, and huge brace that was to help restrict the curve from growing and to straighten my spine. I rarely wore it because it was so uncomfortable and hard to breathe. I got spinal fusion surgery when I turned 21. Spinal Fusion is where they straighten the spine by placing a few rods in your back to align the spine and significantly reduce the curve. I have a nice scar down the center of my back because of it and my curve is pretty much non existent. The confidence and peace of mind in finally having the surgery gave me is worth it all the pain I endured. I always was so self conscious because of how noticeable the curve was. I felt like a weight was lifted and I felt confident and even proud to show my scar. It was the best decision yet!

20. As I posted before on the blog, my mom passed away five years ago of cancer. I think of her EVERY SINGLE DAY and it still hurts. If you have a beautiful relationship with your mother, cherish it! Thank God for it! If you have a broken relationship with your mother, FIX IT! Ask God to repair and set free the chains that are binding you from the bond that is needed between a mother and daughter! There are those like me who no longer have their mom that wishes she was still here to love, laugh and hit the malls with. I don’t want you to miss out on such an important relationship in your life!

I hope this was enlightening for you and you get to know me a little more. Its almost been a year since I’ve started blogging and I really want my readers to feel like they have a little peak into who I am. Thanks for stopping by and see you Thursday for my next post!!

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