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Cheap and Chic: Stella McCartney vs. Steve Madden bag


Cheap and Chic: Stella McCartney vs. Steve Madden bag by alwayzzfashionablylate featuring Steve Madden

Happy Tuesday friends! I have another installment of my “Cheap and Chic” feature on the blog today for Style Craving Tuesday! I really like doing these kinds of posts because I love to find things that are very similar in style for a great price. People usually think I spend a lot on fashion, but I always look for a steal to achieve the same look! I am all about finding great pieces at a more affordable price without sacrificing quality and style.
Today’s handbag is definitely a steal!! I can’t believe how affordable the Steve Madden “BTotally” handbag is compared to the Stella “Falabella” bag which is over $1000!! Fret not friends, you can get the SAME look for $75-$100. Sounds good right?? I know it does. What’s even better is that Steve Madden is running a promotional offer for up to 20% off using the code “BTS” so this may be the perfect time for you to shop and get a good deal. I did a blog post of another Steve Madden look for less on last week on the Steve Madden “Slither” sandal click here! So be sure to check that out while you’re shopping. I’ve posted all the links to the above below so have fun shopping!!
Let me know if you love these types of posts and I’ll keep doing them for you! See you Thursday for an outfit post!!
Stella McCartney version here
Steve Madden version snakeskinblack and red!

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Cheap and chic! by alwayzzfashionablylate featuring steve-madden shoes

I love finding a cheaper alternative when it comes to shopping. Sometimes you can love the look of a high end or more expensive item, but really cannot justify spending the price. So when I stumble across a style inspired piece for a more affordable price, I’m all over it!! This is a deal too good not to share!
I have been obsessing over the Schutz “Julianna” caged sandal (middle) which retails for about $200. Not too bad, but when I found the Steve Madden “Slithur” sandal which basically looks the EXACT same for $109, I knew I scored. The only difference I have noticed is that the Steve Madden version doesn’t have the curved heel and is 4 inches high compared to the Schutz 5 inch heel which is perfect for me. Let’s face it, the older I get 5 inch heels are no longer my thing. I like to walk like my feet doesn’t hurt thank you very much lol. This item is on my Style Craving list and I need in nude, black, red and yellow of course! I tried these on at Nordie’s and they are even more gorgeous in person. I would highly suggest to add this gorgeous shoe to your closet!

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