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Boyfriend shorts are my easy, go to’s when it comes to shorts! They have a loose fit, typically some nice distressing and guess what? They are age appropriate for a girl over 30! I wore a pair of boyfriend shorts on my Instagram the other week.  Some of you asked where did I find shorts long enough that my butt cheeks aren’t hanging out? LOL the struggle is so real! I immediately knew how they felt. When I go shopping and look for a pair of shorts, its so hard! They are beyond short! I’m talking “Daisy Dukes.” I’m sorry, but I can’t go around with booty shorts on. How is that even comfortable?

Anyways, I rounded up ten pair of denim shorts that are butt cheek friendly, all under $50!! I hope you find this a little helpful in your quest to find cute, stylish, age appropriate shorts. Lets face it, we don’t want to wear shorts that either a) you look like an 18 year old in (although I don’t mind looking younger lol)  or b) shorts that look like you’re wearing a diaper or an 80’s fanny pack! So not cute!


See you Thursday for another fashion post!!

July 10, 2016 0 comment
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