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Hey Loves! Welcome back! This is my final look from my “NYC Street Style” blog shoot while I was in New York in December for a weekend girls trip. I love digging into my closet and being able to come up with looks that are oldies but goodies. All of the items in this post I’ve had for over a year or so and can always count on them to be “in style.” Sometimes, having a blog can be a little hard on the wallet. There are so many new styles of clothes, shoes and accessories out there that I want to put my own personal spin on and share with my readers. However, its always great to have staple items in your closet you can rely on. This look is one of them! It was so perfect for walking the concrete jungle and taking in the city!
I promised to share with you a little of what we did on our girls trip. I feel like we ate the entire time while we were there lol. We ate at buy provigil online reviews twice for brunch. The food was so good!! I definitely recommend it. Their breads and pastries along with homemade preserves were absolutely wonderful! We also visited Chelsea Market. We strolled the halls and stopped in almost every yummy vendor and  shop to see all of the food goodness. Homemade pasta, fresh donuts, spice shops and the cutest seafood market, along with many more shops, were all amazing! We also had dinner at buy provigil online 2018. If you ever seen Sex and the City, the movie, you recall where Carrie had her rehearsal dinner at the restaurant with the buy provigil online without? Yes, that place! The food was outstanding! Their steamed pork buns are absolutely delicious!! Oh New York, you have my heart!
We stayed in TriBeCa at the cutest boutique hotel, buy provigil online pharmacy! It was the perfect location-a few minutes from SoHo and near lots of shops and restaurants. But, also tucked away on a quiet street! The staff were so nice and friendly AND they have fresh chocolate chip cookies each day for you in the lobby. With those kind of treats, you have my business! The next time I visit New York again, I would definitely go back.
We went to see buy provigil paypal while we were there as well. It was my second time seeing it and my friends first. It was absolutely AMAZING! I always get so emotional in the very beginning of the show. If you have not seen it yet, you must check it out! It was worth every penny!
Our girls trip was so much fun and just what I needed. I work a full time job, a mommy to a toddler and a wife. Sometimes, I feel I am pulled in so many different directions. It can be so overwhelming and challenging! I thought I would be super emotional when we dropped Camille off to daycare the morning I was leaving. I teared up a bit, but reminded myself that this trip is for me and that I will be back soon to see her smile and hear her giggles. It was great to have a break from it all and let my hair down. I can’t wait to do it again!
Do you have any fun trips coming up? I’d love to hear about it!
Outfit Details
Vest- Zara (old) similar buy provigil pills
Turtleneck- Old Navy (old) similar buy provigil prescription and cheap provigil prescription
Leather Leggings- Zara (old) similar buy provigil online paypal
Wedge OTK Boots- JustFab (old) similar buy provigil reddit and LOVE buy real provigil online
Handbag- Forever 21 (old) similar buy real provigil and buy provigil singapore


January 7, 2016 buy provigil thailand
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There are plenty color combinations out there that work in terms of creating an outfit. Navy and gray is definitely one of them! The gray maintains a cool note while the navy plays against it. Today’s outfit is no exception! I’ve had this cape for quite some time now and sad to say the company that made it is no longer. But, I have linked some gray capes that are similar to this look that I think you will like. If you don’t know it, I LOVE boots! They are my absolute favorite type of shoe, so when I saw these buy original provigil online last year I snatched them up immediately. Fortunately, they are on MAJOR sale right now! You definitely want to grab them before their gone. They are quite comfortable and I find they fit true to size. Get em’ girl, get em!!
Happy New Year my loves! See you next year!
Outfit Details
Jeans- Paige Denim (old) similar legal to buy provigil online
Navy Boots- where to safely buy provigil online and ON SALE $34!!


December 31, 2015 buy modafinil online uk
buy modafinil online uk paypal buy modafinil online uk forum buy modafinil online uk cheap buy generic modafinil online uk buy modafinil online from uk
buy modafinil online in uk
Merry Christmas Eve!! Today’s look is another New York Street Style shot from my weekend stay in New York! It was so hard for me to pack for this trip because I had to consider the weather, outfits for my blog shoot ,as well as what I would wear there day and night. I had to be very smart about what I was packing so that I could wear my blog shoot outfits while I was there. Thats why I love this look so much. It’s easy, simple and can go day to night. I wore this to see The Lion King on Broadway (AH-MAZING by the way)! These buy modafinil online from indiaOver the Knee boots made it so easy for walking the streets of New York while keeping warm and comfy. The poncho cape is an buy provigil online in india find from last year and is super warm, which was perfect for night time! If I could share a piece of my wardrobe to my readers it would be the cape for sure! The cross body bag I wore in my buy modafinil online overnightwas so functional and perfect for traveling as well. It’s definitely the cutest little bag out there right now.
I wish you all a fabulous and safe Christmas! I wish you and your family all the blessings in the world!!
Outfit Details
Cape- Ann Taylor (old) love this one!
Stripe Turtleneck- Old Navy (old) very similar here
Leather Leggings- Ann Taylor (old) similar and under $40 here
Boots- Tory Burch in black and brown
Crossbody- River Island in berry and tan
Sunnies- Prada
Cord Bracelets- H&M
Photo Credit: Lydia Hudgens


December 24, 2015 0 comment
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Cheap vs Chic Gray OTK boots by alwayzzfashionablylate featuring leather boots

Hello everyone! I know its been a minute since I’ve last blogged. But, the little one had a fever last week so I was home with her for a few days. I was super tired and didn’t have much energy to do anything. Hopefully, you’re following me on Instagram! I’ve been posting a few things there so you can get your shopping/ outfit post fix from there.

I CANNOT wait for Fall! I really don’t think you understand! With living in Dallas, the heat is ridiculous and I just want it to go away…NOW! I am so ready for fall which brings me to these gorgeous “Over the Knee” boots above. I’ve loved the Stuart Weitzman “Highland” (far left) boot for a long time. I just didn’t want to pay the price for them. At $798, it’s quite an investment piece and just was not in the cards for me. Last year the Sam Edelman “Kayla” (center) OTK boots-currently $189, were all the rage and I missed out on purchasing them. They look almost the same as the Highland boot and I kept delaying buying them. Imagine my delight when I was at the Steve Madden store a few weeks ago and saw these babies (far right)! They are appropriately named “GORGEOUS” and they look and feel amazing. They are on my “MUST HAVE” list for fall and for $150 I suggest they are on yours as well.

What is on your must have list for fall that is “Cheap and Chic?”

Boots- Stuart Weitzman “Highland”
Sam Edelman “Kayla”
Steve Madden “Gorgeous”


Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

steve madden

Sam Edelman


September 8, 2015 1 comment
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