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Welcome back fashionistas! I didn’t post Sunday due to Mother’s Day and I wanted to enjoy time with my little family. It was a beautiful weekend and I am so blessed to be a mommy to my little girl, Camille!!
I am currently craving denim shorts for the summer. I live in Texas and the summers here are BRUTAL!! You have to be barely clothed to possibly survive the heat lol. These shorts are perfect, they have the proper length so that I am not revealing any cheeks! Once you turn 30 things require a bit more covering then they did in your twenties so these are perfect lol. They also have a little distressing which I love!! You can do so much to dress up shorts, the proper shoe and accessorizing can take it to the next level for a night out or date night with your love. I also love an easy, casual look with a cute hat and comfy sandal to run errands, mall hop or enjoy a lazy weekend. Be sure to stop by Thursday for another post!!

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