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Thank Goodness its Thursday!!! So I know you want the deets on this dress. So its time to spill the tea!  This maxi dress is EVERYTHING, right??!! I love a good maxi dress. But, it’s so hard sometimes to find the “PERFECT” maxi. The geometric print, high slit, and the movement of the dress gives it life. I was happy when buy provigil 200 mg reached out to me to choose a piece from their line to review. I’m always on the hunt for a stylish maxi dress. So as soon as I saw this dress, I knew I’d have to have it. It screams my style!! And its under $25!!! Drops the mic!

Now, here are a few things you need to know about this dress before you order!

1. Size DOWN!! – this beauty runs big. I normally wear a small (size 4), but I chose an Extra Small in this dress and I still had room up top (itty bitty committee anyone?). So I strongly suggest to check out the measurements on the site or just go a size down. You won’t lose the fluidity of the dress, but you don’t want it to sag on you either.

2. Wear a Slip!!!- As you can see, this dress has a very high slit. There were a few times that I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment while shooting in this dress lol. So make sure you put a little something underneath so that you are not caught in a “woman down” situation

3. The dress is thin- The material on this dress is thin and very lightweight. So don’t expect it to have weight. It may be of concern to you, but this doesn’t bother me as the dress still looks and feels amazing. Perfect for this Texas heat! Just keep in mind to wear a slip or seamless shape wear underneath so that panty lines are not seen.

4. Shipping- this dress is being shipped from overseas! I received this dress about a week or two after I ordered it. So please make sure to read about the shipping times!

Disclaimer-  My honest reviews and opinions for items gifted to me are my own. I strive to provide honest feedback to my viewers. Gifted items are disclosed with “c/o.”


Outfit Details
c/o buy provigil online mexico (under $25!)
(old, linked similar)
(love this too)
(no longer available, linked similar)

A photo posted by ( on

March 17, 2016 buy provigil online forum
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