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Hello again! I am excited that spring is here in Dallas! This means its time to pull out the bright and colorful pieces in your closet that may have not received much love during the winter.  For spring and summer, I am all about my skirts. I absolutely love wearing midi and maxi skirts this time of year! So when Eryn of buy provigil 200 mg asked me to try a piece from her clothing line, I immediately said yes! I met Eryn a few months back from our buy provigil online mexico collaboration and we also happen to use the same blog photographer as well. Let me tell you, she is a #GirlBoss! Wife, mom, and clothing designer?! WERK! The cool thing about her clothing line is that it caters to the tall woman. However,  her “made to order” line allows you to select the length of certain pieces, such as her skirts and pants. Amazing right? As soon as I saw this Ankara print midi skirt, it was love at first sight! The Ankara print has been all the rage in fashion lately. This vibrant and bold Ankara print midi skirt was perfect the moment I slipped it on.  I asked to add pockets and to make the skirt ankle length so that I could wear with heels or flats. As you can see, its GORGEOUS!! Its going to get worn so much this summer. I can’t wait to style it in so many different ways!
So be sure to stop by Eryn’s buy provigil modafinil and tell her I sent ya!
How would you style this gorgeous Ankara print midi skirt?!
See you Sunday for my next post!
Disclaimer-  My honest reviews and opinions for items gifted to me are my own. I strive to provide honest feedback to my viewers. Gifted items are disclosed with “c/o.”
Outfit Details


March 28, 2016 buy provigil online forum
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